1 Million Cups Presentation Wattle Cafe

1 Million Cups Presentation

Did you know there is an incredible community of people and peers out there looking to support you. Well I came to have this reinforced when I was invited to present at the local NYC chapter of 1 Million Cups. It is a community of people that come together to support entrepreneurs refine their 'elevator pitch', listen to who you are and answer that question you've otherwise not known who to ask. 

This was such a wonderful experience. It is a safe supported space. For me it gave me the opportunity to share about Wattle and to hear feedback on how I presented but also where I could do better. All too often we feel we know it all but in reality, once we know it all, we have essentially finished this journey. I mean what more needs to happen if you know it all. Me, I prefer to think of life as an eternal journey of learning. Never too old to, and never too busy.

What this experience also taught me was how much I have to learn from others. When you bring your head out of the weeds, it is incredible what new perspectives you gain and learnings you acquire and this was one such experience.

So I wanted to share this presentation with you all and welcome your feedback. Equally I wanted to also remind you that you too should stop to take stock of where you are, what those of you are doing and what learnings you could share with each other so as to collectively do better. If covid taught us anything, above all it should have reinforced our sense of community and belonging. Collaborating and sharing will continue to be a bigger part of life and we evolve in our post covid world. So go out and find those resources you have been yearning for, find who can help you with something you have been challenged by and find that someone who can support you.  


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