Collection: Bliss Balls

Finding a happy balance between eating clean and gratifying one's desire for delicious snacks should not be a struggle. That is why we have bliss balls. They are healthy, clean, yummy, and nutrient dense energy snacks. You will never feel guilty about your cravings again. What bliss! Read More

What’s more?

There’s one for everyone at Wattle Cafe!
You don't need to be plant-based to enjoy our bliss balls, in fact, you wouldn't even guess. That's how yummy they are!
Can’t live without chocolate? Ahh! Same. You will absolutely love our Almondnut bliss balls. Suppose you are concerned with your fitness journey but can’t get enough bliss balls. We see you!

You can have anything you want: good-calorie protein balls or low-carb protein balls. Our sugar-free bliss balls will satisfy your hunger pangs and your palate. Whether you are a parent worrying about your loved one not eating healthy or someone trying to find energy bliss balls for a more mindful eating habit, almond butter protein balls, and peanut butter protein balls are what you are looking for.

So what more do we have here?

  • Jam-packed nut protein balls for anyone who’s looking for a healthy protein.
  • Many of our protein balls are made with cacao for that sweet tooth but also curb those pesky hunger pangs.
  • Look through our range of bliss balls to find what suits your taste and cravings.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Bliss Balls made of?

    Our Bliss Balls are made from a blend of simple whole ingredients. While each has a different flavor, they are generally made from a blend of nuts, and grains and naturally sweetened with dates or organic maple syrup.

    Why buy Bliss Balls?

    These bliss balls offer a healthy snack option for when hunger creeps in. Keep a pack of these shelf-stable snacks handy for when hunger strikes. These naturally sweetened snacks offer you a healthy snack option that won’t make you feel tired in a few hours like many candy bars do.

    What’s the point?

    Have you heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat? Well, take note as it's important that we eat foods that help us live longer and healthier lives. You are so important, and food like these bliss balls are made to feed you in the best possible way.