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NYC Coffee Festival Javits Center

Food For Thought - NYC Coffee Festival Javits Center

What a thrill it was to participate on the recent panel for the Clarion Events NYC Coffee Festival at the Javits Center. I shared the space with other incredible brands as we spoke about our respective experiences in creating our food menus.

The Coffee Festival was an opportunity for industry representatives, enthusiasts and vendors to come together both to celebrate the industry as well as share new ideas and innovations as we look to grow our industry. This event, like many others, provides an opportunity from which to learn and come together as a community.

While the experience ran over 3 days, our panel session provided Wattle Cafe an incredible opportunity to share our unique take on food and learn from peers as well as our audience.

As a Certified Health Coach (IIN) I am able to infuse my learnings into both our menu and the ethos and our approach to food. Broadly our menu is designed to nurture. While not every item is absolutely healthy for you (I mean lets face it, we all need a sweet treat at times)  all the food we create is made from clean, simple ingredients. When curating our menu we are looking for ways to infuse clean and simple ingredients into our menu. This may include ingredients as far and wide as Cacao, Blue Algae, Turmeric, and Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) to name a few things.

While I generally try to avoid trends as it can be challenging keeping up, understanding themes that are evolving in society is important to Wattle Cafe. For this reason we have worked hard to create a menu which supports people who are vegetarian, gluten free, keto, vegan or grain free. We also look to support local ingredients where we can, and use organic ingredients. Our coffee is fair trade and sourced from local small farmers. The coffee facility used to roast our Australian inspired coffee is also certified organic.

So I hope in sharing our story and what we focus on when creating our menu, we will be able to inspire you to also be more conscious about what you eat, where you buy your food from and how your food supports you living your best life. If not, swing by a Wattle Cafe or find us online as we want to help you make sensible food decisions that support and nurture you.

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