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If you are someone who cares where your coffee beans come from, you will like our single-origin coffee beans! Why?Read More

Because we also, care where you get your daily caffeine fix from.

Our organic single-origin coffee makes every cup a genuinely satisfying part of your day. The pure joy of the knowledge that someone somewhere is taking utmost care of every single coffee bean that goes into making every sip of your coffee fresh and exotic.

Find your favorite single bean coffee that will make you caffeinated precisely the way you want to be at any time of the day.

FAQs About Single Origin Coffee

What are single-origin coffee beans?

Single-origin Coffee Beans are coffee beans sourced from a single farm, producer, region, or country. The coffee comes from a specific farm located in a distinct environment, and that its flavor reflects its origin, containing characteristics of the particular place where the coffee was produced.

Is single-origin coffee better?

Due to its traceability and distinct flavor, offering sustainability and fair trade to coffee farmers, single-origin coffee is considered a better choice than blended coffee. Like you our consumer, our farmers are also a valuable part of our offering.

What is unique about single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is "pure," meaning the flavor of the coffee's origin is retained. Because geographic areas have distinct weather, soil and growth circumstances, coffee (like wine) will take on the unique characteristics of that area.

What is the difference between single origin and blended coffee?

The main difference between single-origin and blended lies in the flavor and traceability. Single-origin coffee is often lighter, floral or fruity flavors, whereas coffee mixes are more chocolatey, caramelized, and nutty. Single-origin coffee has the most individualized flavor because it is not blended with other beans. It's more complex to trace the beginnings of the blend, but the flavor remains constant throughout the year, so you will always get the flavor of your favorite cup of Joe when you want it.  On the other hand, single-origin coffee may often be traced back to a nation, farm, producer, and even the specific lot where it was produced.  However like any other seasonal fruit, the same beans are not available all year round.

Is Single-origin coffee more expensive?

Single-origin coffee can cost more than blended coffee. However, Wattle Cafe offers exotic single bean coffee for the most affordable price. Check our catalog to find one that suits your coffee aficionado senses!