Guilty loving food? Never Again!

Wattle is a local cafe, inspired by Australian. With stores in NYC and Jersey City, we have expanded into an E-Commerce store shipping throughout the US.

"My goal is to create clean conscious food that my daughter can eat", CEO Ana I.
Get $40 off and free shipping across the US on your first purchase!

  • we support local.

    Plant Based

    Made solely from plants.

  • We can deliver throughout the US

    US wide Shipping

    We ship our products US-wide!

  • Ready to Share

    Our clean snacks are too good to keeo for yourself.

  • Mike S

    Went camping and brought these high protein snacks as a must on our trip

  • Dawn K

    Number one brand for clean eating

  • Jason C

    HUGE fan of Wattle Cafe! I have been enjoying their eCommerce for several months now. Love what they have and especially their coffee.

  • Michael I

    So love having found this woman-owned brand. The snacks are amazing and love the ingredients

  • Jay H

    I wish they had these Bliss Balls in all the health food shops

  • Eric V

    Have the bliss Balls for my work outs.

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