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Bliss Balls - So what?

Bliss balls are a big thing in Australia, they are easy to find in most stores and a great convenient healthy snack. I describe them as a great pick you up when you need something to eat but nothing that will push you up and down that sugar roller coaster.

I've always loved these as a snack and was so excited when we created our own range for the Wattle Menu. Each of our  Bliss balls are made with a unique set of ingredients that do different things. But ALL of our bliss balls are made from simple whole ingredients. There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients in any of our sku's.

You'll hear me say this a lot but what you eat is important. In the case of our Bliss Balls, the ingredients we use are high in nutrient dense calories. What does that mean? Well in reality it means that because the Bliss Balls are packed with amazing whole ingredients, they will keep you satiated (or full) for longer. More importantly the absence of artificial ingredients will mean that you won't suffer the same effects you will if you were to eat a candy bar. That feeling of a 'high' after consuming all that sugar followed by the inevitable low.

In separate blogs, I will explain away each ingredient we use as they are all used with a specific purpose in mind. As a combined final product however it is our goal to provide you with a snack that you can have to hand for when that surge of hunger hits you but without having to waste calories. 


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