How the Wattle Cafe Journey began Wattle Cafe

How the Wattle Cafe Journey began

As I continue to be asked the question of my why, I wanted to relaunch this blog to share my story. While my sharing this may connect with others, it is also an opportunity for me to share my learning's from life's journey and as a Certified Health Coach.

I have spent most of my living years learning how to live my best life and I truly believe it is everyone's birth right to live their best life. Both for themselves but also so that the world can rejoice in being exposed to the best version of you. Imagine what you could achieve if you were the best version of yourself! But before we go any further it makes sense to re-introduce myself.

Who am I? My name is Ana Ivkosic and I am a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Founder, Health Coach and all round purveyor of Conscious Eating. I established a cafe "Wattle" in Manhattan having concluded a 20 year global career in Banking. It was Banking that brought me to Manhattan, but it's my life mission and passion that has kept me here. My departure from banking was a highly unceremonious experience. In Australia we call it "to be made redundant" but for me this became a pivotal turning point. If I am honest though and acknowledge that words matter, I had become unsettled in my job, so the universe had basically given me the nudge I had been asking for through my own words.

Since opening up Wattle in 2017, my goal remains to live authentically and to help others in their own journey with food and wellness. We all have our own journey. Mine, like many others had its ups and downs but over time I was always drawn back to wellness, whether that be sports, food or lifestyle choices. As the years went on, this passion for wellness became stronger and it is now a way of life.

What I want, is to use Wattle and my own voice, through this blog to remind people that life is about balance in every facet, including food and exercise. You see while food is about eating it is also about the joy it brings and the memories it evokes. I still have my first cuppa each day and it reminds me of my family and growing up. I can still taste our Wattle Bliss Balls and be reminded of the snacks I would have back in Australia.

The birth of Wattle was driven by a deep-rooted longing to create something that would serve the community. A place were I was comfortable for my daughter to eat. A place that drew on inspiration from how I grew up and meals that are readily available in Australia. A nostalgic yearning propelled me to endeavor to provide my daughter access to the type of food that I had access to in my childhood. Furthermore, I came to realise that there were others who, like me, would see value in choosing to eat in a cleaner manner.

Wattle began as a bricks and mortar physical store in New York City. While much of the experience is about food, eating at establishments like Wattle are much more than that. You see, food extends far beyond the realm of mere sustenance; it is a conduit for joy, a catalyst for evoking cherished memories and a place to connect and share experiences over food.

Without a shadow of a doubt, food reigns supreme as one of the most fundamentally vital aspects of our daily existence. Understanding the profound impact of what we consume is an imperative task that ought to occupy a significant place in our lives.. Hence, it becomes paramount to make conscientious choices, for our own well-being and the health of our bodies. When it comes to the decisions we make about our dietary preferences, the vast spectrum of options spans from the epitome of nutritional excellence to those that fall short of ideal standards. To my mind, food should never be perceived as a tool of reward or punishment; instead, it should be embraced as an avenue through which we can revel in the sheer delight of savoring flavors, while simultaneously seeking to comprehend the intricate interplay between food and our overall well-being.

The longer I lived in the US the more upset I became about the deceptive nature of the claims made by food manufacturers. How they could utterly misrepresent foods and what they did to your bodies blew my mind. So I set out through Wattle to  address that. Perhaps it was part hubris, part insanity but it was also a big part my life purpose to shine a light on the deception of the food industry and to create an example of what food should be like and how it should serve you.

At Wattle, our culinary ethos centers around the simplicity of our amazing whole ingredients, which take center stage in our menus. Our focus lies in harnessing the transformative power of foods that have stood the test of time, readily available gems that were cherished by the generations preceding us. Embracing simplicity as our guiding principle, our menu and ingredients remain unpretentious, for it is in their inherent goodness that the true essence of remarkable cuisine shines brightest.

Whenever possible, we proudly collaborate with local suppliers, recognizing that supporting our peers in the business community not only fortifies our collective strength but also contributes to the cause of reducing our carbon footprint. In our tireless pursuit of sustainability, we consistently explore innovative means of employing reasonably priced, eco-friendly containers and paper goods, as we strive to strike a harmonious balance between our gastronomic aspirations and our unwavering commitment to the preservation of our precious planet.

As we continue to tread the path of evolution and progress, our mission stands resolute, unyielding. Foremost among our aspirations is to endeavor to render clean, whole foods accessible to all. It is imperative to acknowledge that there was a time when organic fare was not the exclusive domain of the privileged; rather, it thrived within the realm of the less fortunate, as home gardens bloomed with vitality and resourceful gardeners harnessed the bounties of nature to ward off pests. (In the case of my parents, a concoction infused with the fiery essence of hot peppers worked wonders as a natural pesticide.) Our second focal point rests upon supporting our local community, for we are eternally grateful for the extraordinary families with whom we forge deep bonds of collaboration and support. It is through the fabric of our community that we derive our sustenance and find the nourishment necessary to thrive.

As Wattle expands its horizons, soaring beyond the confines of my individual journey, I yearn to share our story with you. It is a story that transcends the boundaries of one person's aspirations, a journey that we embark upon together, united in our pursuit of clean eating, health, and holistic well-being.

As this is a shared journey please reach out with feedback, or questions. I also wanted to point out that we have begun a new affiliate program and email if you would like to learn more about participating.

Until then, thankyou so much for your support of our local brand.


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