Wattle at the NRF Consumer Products Trade Show - NYC Wattle Cafe

Wattle at the NRF Consumer Products Trade Show - NYC

We had the privilege of being selected to host a booth at our very first trade show in our home town of NYC. It's been such a whirlwind year that it has taken me a while to create this post and celebrate this incredible opportunity. As a woman-owned local business, Wattle Cafe was chosen to have a booth. This opportunity afforded us the ability to showcase Wattle, to share our story amongst so many other incredible entrepreneurs and to engage with other businesses with whom we can grow.

The National Retail Federation https://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/company/wattle-cafe is an incredible institution that was created to support retail business throughout the US. It is a resource we can use to understand industry trends, to evaluate changemakers and those looking to create innovative ideas from which we can all benefit. To be able to work with this incredible body was a wonderful opportunity for Wattle Cafe as it enabled us to show case our Direct to Consumer Ecommerce line of protein Bliss Balls and Coffee. To be able to share the clean conscious eating ethos of Wattle Cafe with people was a privilege.

During Covid, like everyone else, we took a great deal of time to try to figure out what was next and how we could sustain ourselves. Part of that searching process resulted in taking our most popular shelf stable products and creating an e-commerce line which is what you now see on this site. These items include our Bliss Balls and our own coffee line.

Like many such endeavors this process has taken some time and in 2023 it culminated in our first Expo. I am so proud of this achievement and to be able to continue to share my story. My desire has always been to create clean food and clean snacks that my own family can eat and I hope you can share with your own loved ones. For me, Wattle Cafe has become as much a brand as it is an opportunity to create a means through which others can eat well. I want to support others living their best lives by being able to eat consciously. While it is important to be healthy, for me I believe it is as much about knowing what is in your food and being able to make decisions about what you eat.

Since much of the infrastructure of our lives doesn't teach us about making positive food choices, I believe it is up to us to figure this out for ourselves. Accordingly it is my hope to share with you what I can so as to help you understand a little more about what you eat and hopefully help you feel better about what you eat and what your food is doing for you.



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