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Wattle What?

As the years have rolled on I have become more and more focused on health and wellness. I say this as ultimately a brand is not an inanimate object but rather a story and a journey that started somewhere.

In the case of Wattle, it started in 2017 when we were fortunate to have found a wonderful community in Murray Hill, Manhattan, NY.

I created Wattle so that I could have something that reminded me of how I grew up. I wanted my daughter to have access to this type of food and believed others too may enjoy it.

You see while food is about eating it is also about the joy it brings and the memories it evokes. I still have my first cuppa each day and it reminds me of when I grew up. I can still taste our Wattle Bliss Balls and be reminded of the snacks I would have back in Australia..

Of course food is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of our daily life. Knowing what you consume should be of great importance in your lives. It is the fuel that helps you live and sustain the life that you lead. As such it is important to make the best decisions for you and your body. When it comes to the decisions we make about what to eat, the range is from best to less than ideal. I don't think food should be about rewards or punishment but about enjoying and understanding how food makes you feel.

The Wattle menu is all about using whole ingredients in our predominantly breakfast and brunch menus. Using foods that are readily available and were eaten by your grand mother is our focus. Our menu and our ingredients are simple since good food doesn't need much to shine. Where possible we use local suppliers both to support peer businesses as well as to reduce our carbon footprint. To that end we continue to find ways to reasonably use sustainable containers and paper goods.

While we continue to evolve our mission remains. The first is to make healthy food accessible. Once upon a time, organic food was the domain of the poor as home gardens flourished and gardeners would find natural ways to treat pests. (In the case of my parents that was with water infused with hot peppers which at the time worked a charm). While our second focus is on supporting our local community. We are grateful to have amazing local schools that we work with and support as it is only through the community that we can exist.

I want to share with you a little about our story as Wattle expands and becomes bigger than just me. I want this to be a shared journey.



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