Your New Favorite Go-To Snack! Wattle Cafe

Your New Favorite Go-To Snack!

BLISS BALLS are great little energy source that serves as a healthy snack option for on-the-go and here's why:

They don't contain processed sugar.

Our Bliss Balls are a clean snack alternative because their sweetness typically comes from dates or maple syrup. These are perfect as a pre-workout snack, little sweet treat after a meal or just to eat whenever you want!

They are full of nutritional benefits.

Bliss balls are usually created with a base of nuts and seeds, and contain a lot of healthy fats making them rich in fiber and protein. In our ALMONDNUT for example, the almonds are a good source of vitamin E and magnesium. The high fiber and protein content is reported to help to keep blood sugar stable and leave you feeling satiated (fuller) for longer. 

Unlike most other snacks on the market, ours are clean. What does that mean you ask? Well we don't add any ingredient in ours that you yourself could not find in your own grocery stores. So you won't find ingredients like "Natural Flavors" since we don't actually know what that actually is. Instead our snacks are scratch made with only a few simple whole ingredients

They are available in WATTLE CAFE (store and online).

Another benefit is that you can drop by our stores, or have it delivered at your home! Whenever you need a quick energy boost, BLISS BALLS are the ideal 'grab and go' snack.

Want to try our BLISS BALLS now? Hurry and get 10% OFF on your first purchase when you subscribe!

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