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4 Bags of Matcha Bliss Bites

4 Bags of Matcha Bliss Bites

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What are Matcha Bliss Bites you ask?

Each bag has 3 of our delicious 1oz balls inside for your snacking pleasure. get 4 bags for only $20.

What's in this little ball of pure awesomeness, you ask?  We've got matcha, cashews, pistachios, dates, peanut butter, and a touch of organic maple syrup to sweeten the deal. It's like a supergroup of ingredients, all coming together to create a snacking masterpiece.

Each bag contains three magnificent 30g balls, lovingly made in-house from the finest natural ingredients. No artificial stuff, no funny business. 

This snacking sensation is both vegan/plant based and dairy-free! 

Made from Matcha, cashews, pistachios, dates, peanut butter, and organic maple syrup. 3x 30g balls made in house from all natural ingredients. Vegan and Dairy Free

So why should you try our snacks?

Our Bliss Bites are unique as they are made without any chemical preservatives or refined sugar, sweetened with organic US maple syrup. While the maple syrup is a healthy sweetener and source of antioxidants, the nuts are a fantastic plant based protein and fat to compliment your daily routine.  

Explain the calorie count?

Wattle Bliss Bites are made from dates and nuts so these are nutrient dense snacks made from foods that keep you fuller for longer. So yes, they're a little higher in calories, but not all calories are made equal.

Our snacks are nutrient powerhouses, meaning they'll keep you satisfied and full for longer. No more hanger tantrums or snack attacks!

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